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If I have already shopped at Airfield online on the old website or in-store, do I need to create a new account to place an online order?

Yes, you must create a new account on our new website in order to place an order for online pick-up or delivery. Any points you’ve accrued from previous orders are saved on your in-store profile.

I'm having trouble uploading my ID to my account from a Mac computer, how do I add it to my profile?

Your photo is most likely in the wrong format. To change the format of your photo from a HEIC to a JPG, follow the directions below.

First, if you’ve transferred some HEIC images from your iPhone to your Photos library, you could simply drag and drop them to your Desktop or any other Mac folder, and they will automatically convert to JPGs. 

Second, Photos gives you quite a bit of control over exporting images, so you can simply convert HEIC to JPG files while exporting them and set your exact preferences for quality, color profile, etc: 

  1. Select a few HEIC images from your Photos library
  2. Click File ➙ Export ➙ Export Photos in the menu bar
  3. Select all appropriate options for the new JPG images
  4. Click Export

I'm having trouble uploading my ID to my account because it says the photo is too large, how do I add it to my profile?

If you are having trouble with getting the file below the 5-megabyte requirement you can visit or download Image Size in the app store for Apple Devices to shrink the image.

What are your operating hours?

We are open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

I am close to Airfield, if I arrive after 9pm will I be able to purchase?

Unfortunately, doors close at 9 pm and due to city regulations we cannot let customers into the building after this time.

What days are you closed?

We are closed on Christmas Day.

What forms of ID do you accept?

We accept drivers licenses, passports and most government issued ID’s. ID’s must have your photo, birthdate, expiration date, issue date, identification number and be valid.

I don't have my ID but have an account. Can I still shop in-store or make a pickup/delivery order?

No. A valid ID is required for entry and all purchases.

How do I create an account?

Once you’ve verified your age on our homepage, hover over the icon to the right of the “search” button in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Click “sign up” and fill out the necessary information, check all necessary boxes, and click “Join Airfield” to proceed.

Please note that we are only able to accept JPG, JPEG or PNG formats for images of licenses. 

If you are AirDropping an ID image from an iPhone to a Mac computer, default mode often converts your image to a .HEIC format – which we cannot accept. To change your iPhone settings for AirDrop to avoid capturing a .HEIC, follow these steps and then take a new photo of your license:

  • Open Settings
  • Click on Camera
  • Click on Formats
  • Select “Most Compatible” for Camera Capture
  • Reshoot image and AirDrop image now as acceptable file format

Can I access my previous online orders?

Yes. At the top right corner of this webpage, click the “account” icon to the right of the search button. You can access your online order history and track any current orders.

Why are there armed guards stationed outside the dispensary?

Our armed security team is stationed outside our dispensary to abide by the city’s cannabis regulations and to ensure our guests’ safety and security.

Does Airfield store customer information? If so, what do you do with the info?

For detailed information on how we store and use information, please refer to our privacy policy.

Cannabis Specific

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component that produces a euphoric high. THC can produce highs that range anywhere from uplifting (Sativa) to relaxing (Indica). THC has medical benefits that can help with Insomnia, Low Appetite, Muscle Spasticity, Nausea and Pain. THC can be consumed in many ways.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive agent that is calming and can help with anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation. CBD gives consumers a feeling of all around relaxation while eliminating physical and mental stresses.

What is Sativa and Indica?

There are two types of THC, Sativa and Indica. Sativa is uplifting, energetic and talkative. Sativa is commonly felt as a head high which makes it great for working through the day or needing a burst of energy. Indica is relaxing, sedative, and euphoric. Indica is commonly felt as a body high which makes it great for pain relief and winding down before bed. Hybrid is a half and half combination of the both of them which will give users a balanced high.

What is CBN?

CBN is a non-psychoactive compound that occurs when cannabis ages(oxidizes). CBN is most commonly used as a sleep aid as it helps to fall asleep and stay asleep.

What can I use for pain relief?

When it comes to pain, Topicals or Edibles will offer the best relief. The most common and recommended option for pain relief is products with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio. THC that is Indica dominant will directly help with pain and relax the body, CBD uses its anti-inflammatory value to help with the pain as well. If there is a concern about getting high from the THC that is in a product, then a ratio of 8:1 CBD:THC or higher would be recommended, it should have such low amounts of THC to where it won’t produce a high.

Will anything help with anxiety?

When it comes to anxiety, CBD-rich products will work best. Edibles or tinctures will have a longer-lasting effect compared to smoking or vape. A ratio of 8:1 CBD:THC or higher is recommended for anxiety relief.

Do you have anything that is for chronic pain or that is for medical use?

Many medical patients use RSO or FECO(Full Cannabis Extract Oil) products for severe or chronic illnesses. This product contains THC or CBD which is great for relieving any pain and bringing appetite back. FECO’s have a large number of testimonials saying that it helped reduce the size of the patients’ cancer as well as help with the symptoms of chemotherapy, giving consumers back normalcy. To consume, you have to slowly increase your dosage over a 90 day/12 week period. Week one starts with three daily doses about half the size of a grain of rice, letting it completely dissolve in your mouth then swallow. Weeks 2-5 consist of doubling the dosage every 4 days as tolerance improves. Lastly, weeks 5-12 consist of consuming up to 1 gram daily until the 90 day period is complete.

Will smoking make you hungry?

Cannabis is commonly known to make you hungry and that is mostly true. Indica dominant strains will increase your appetite more than Sativa dominant strains. One cannabinoid can help suppress hunger and that is THCV. THCV is considered rare.

What's the difference between your topicals/rubs and will they get me high?

Topicals normally contain CBD:THC ratios along the lines of 3:1, 1:1, and 1:3. The 3:1 ratio is CBD forward is great for inflammation, arthritis, and skin conditions. The 1:1 ratio will give users a balanced relief from inflammation and pain. The 1:3 ratio is THC forward will give users targeted pain relief. Topicals with THC will not cause any hallucinogenic effects because it does not get into your bloodstream.

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

What is a tincture?

Tinctures are a concentrated, low ingredient option for cannabis users. Tinctures come in many ratios ranging from full THC to full CBD. It is best to hold the oil under your tongue for 30 seconds to get a faster onset of the effects usually within 15 – 45 minutes and should last up to 4 hours.

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

Can I give my pet CBD?

Sometimes pets need CBD to help with pain, inflammation and anxiety. It is always recommended to start with a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. The 10:1 CBD:THC ratio is recommended for large dogs only and should be okayed by a veterinarian first.

How much edible should I take?

There are different dosages for edibles, more commonly 5mg or 10mg a piece. It is recommended to eat food with an edible so that it can metabolize throughout your body faster. Beginners normally start at consuming 5mg with food and start feeling the effects after 45 minutes – 2 hours. We recommend waiting until you feel the effects before you consume more because you can always take more edibles but you can’t reverse the effects if you consume too much. As your tolerance builds, you may be able to consume a higher amount of THC or increase your dosage.

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

Can CBD react with any medication?

CBD can react with some blood pressure, FIbromyalgia, IBS, and Chrons Disease medications making them less effective. It’s recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming CBD if you are on any of these medications.

How do i dab?

In order to use most extracts, there are different tools needed. Some may have different pieces such as a glass rig, bong with a nail attachment, or a Puffco that has an automatic heating element. The glass rig and the bong do require a torch to heat up the nail. The tool of choice needs to be heated to around 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit then must cool for around 30-60 seconds before adding the extract. Dabbing requires a long and slow inhale, filling your lungs as much as possible. Once you’ve inhaled as much as you can, you can place a carb cap to preserve the rest of the vapor inside the piece for a hit promptly after you’ve recovered. It is recommended to clean your nail attachment/piece after every use by cleaning with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

What is extract?

Extract is a cannabis concentrate produced by using a solvent or solvent-less process that is consumed by smoking it. There are many solvent extracts with different consistencies and they are: Wax, Shatter, Live Resin, Budder, Diamonds, Crumble and Sauce. Solvent-less extracts are available in Live Rosins and Water Hash. Most extracts can be dabbed on a rig except for some hash. Most hash is considered a half melt and will have trace amounts of plant material that is not good for dab rigs but great for adding to flower.

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

What is a vape?

Vapes are an easy, compact, and convenient way to smoke. A vape cartridge needs a vape battery in order to work. It is best to store your cartridges at room temperature, upright, and off of the battery. Do not leave cartridges in direct sunlight or in your car, they are very sensitive to heat and can become unusable. The recommended dosage for vapes is a 5-second drag/pull, it is also best to wait at least 30 seconds before hitting the vape pen again. Taking long drags and hitting the pen back to back can overheat the vape oil and make it taste bad. To extend the life of your battery and prevent clogs or breakage to your vape cartridges it is best to clean the connecting area with a q-tip that has a little bit of rubbing alcohol on it (make sure that the area is dry before reconnecting a cartridge).

For more information, visit our New to Cannabis page.

What is shake?

Shake is considered loose-leaf flower that can be easily used to roll joints or fill bowls. We sometimes carry shake in quarters (7 grams).

Can I get something that has no THC?

There can be some items that do not contain THC, though agents like CBD do need some THC to get into the bloodstream properly. We have very few options for THC-free products.


Are you open for in-store shopping?

Yes, we are open for in-store shopping. All that is required to shop is a valid ID and a face mask.

Should I tip my budtender?

You are not obligated to tip your budtender, however, if you feel inclined to do so you are now able to leave a tip with cash or debit.

Can I bring my service pet into the dispensary?

Yes, we allow service dogs. Unfortunately, we cannot allow emotional support pets into our dispensary.

Do I need an online account to shop in-store?

No, you do not need an online account to shop in-store.

Does Airfield have any deals for first time customers?

Our Referral Program offers $10 off both transactions over $50 when a returning guest brings in a first-time flyer. Purchase necessary for the redemption of the boarding pass. Limit one item from the special menu per customer. Both the returning guest and the new guest must spend at least $50 subtotal to be eligible for the referral discount.


Can I place an order over the phone?

No. We cannot accept orders over the phone. However, our e-budtenders can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding products over the phone.

Do I need an account to shop online?

Yes, you must have an account to shop online for pick-up and delivery.

Can I check the status of my order online?

Yes. At the top right corner of this webpage, click the “account” icon to the right of the search button. You can access your order history and track any current orders there.

Can I place an online order for curbside pickup?

We do not offer curbside pickup. We have a pickup window located inside. If you pre-paid with Treezpay, our greeter will bring the order out to you in the pre-paid waiting area by our entrance.

I won't be able to pick up my order in the time slot I selected, can I move it?

Yes, in fact, you don’t have to pick it up at the exact time you selected. Your order only has to be picked up by the end of the night. We close at 9 pm every day.

Can I convert my order from a pickup to a delivery?

Yes. Call our e-budtender at (408) 320-0230 to change your order.


Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we deliver! All deliveries must meet the delivery subtotal minimum requirement of $100/$150 pretax and must be in our delivery area.

Is there a fee for delivery?

No. We currently do not have a delivery fee for our delivery service.

Is there a minimum delivery purchase limit?

Yes. Depending on the delivery area, minimum purchase limits range between $100 and $150. Please refer to our delivery map for specific information regarding delivery zones and minimums.

Is there a maximum delivery purchase limit?

No. We follow state mandated daily customer limits, but there is no maximum price or size for a delivery.

Should I tip my delivery driver?

You are not obligated to tip your driver, however, if you feel inclined to do so you are now able to leave a tip with cash or debit.

How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

Deliveries are scheduled in one-hour windows starting at 8 am ending at 9 pm (or earlier depending on your delivery location). When placing a delivery, be sure to choose a one-hour time frame that you can be physically present to receive your delivery.

Can I track my order once it's out for delivery?

No. For the safety of our drivers, you can not track your order once it is out on delivery. You can call our e-budtenders at (408) 320-0230 for an estimated time of arrival.

Can you leave the delivery on my doorstep?

We cannot leave deliveries unattended due to compliance regulations. You must be physically present to receive the delivery with a valid ID, even if it is pre-paid.

I'd like to send my delivery order to someone as a gift, is this possible?

No. Each customer must place an order under their own name with their own government-issued identification, phone number, and email address.

I won't be home to receive my order, can my partner/ friend receive it instead?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot release an order to anyone besides the person whose name is on the order. You need to be physically present with your ID for delivery.

I won't be home during the time window I chose. Can I reschedule my delivery?

Yes! You can reschedule your delivery by calling 408-320-0230 and are able to select a 2 hour time frame that you will be home to recieve your order.

Can I convert my order from a delivery to a pickup?

Yes. Call our e-budtender at (408) 320-0230 to change your order.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes. If you need to change your delivery address for an order currently in process, call our e-budtenders at (408) 320-0230 and they would be happy to make any immediate changes.

If you would like to change your address for future deliveries, you can access your account by clicking the icon to the right of the search button at the top of the page.

My delivery won't go through, how do I proceed?

Please double check that your delivery meets the minimum purchase requirements of $100/$150 dollars subtotal pre-tax.

You have delivered to me before, but now it says I'm out of the delivery range-- is that true?

Our delivery area can change, please view the delivery map at the top left of the webpage to see if you are in range.

Do you deliver or ship out of state?

No. Due to state and federal regulations, we do not ship or deliver out of state. Visit our delivery map to see our available delivery areas.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept, Cash, Debit, Aeropay, and Stronghold currently in store. Delivery is currently cash and Stronghold.

Is there an added fee for using debit?

Yes, our new pin-activated debit readers charge a $2.50 fee in-store and for deliveries.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, we do not accept credit cards.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, physical gift cards are available for in-store purchase and redemption at this time. They cannot be sold online or sent electronically at this time.

Do you offer touchless payment options?

We are currently experiencing a disruption with our SMS service and are not able to send Stronghold pre-pay links manually. Please be prepared with another form of payment for the time being. Our new pin-activated debit readers in-store are not currently accepting touch-to-pay cards.

Can/should I tip my budtender?

Our budtenders are allowed to take tips, however you are not obligated to leave one.

Do you have an ATM available to use in store? Is there a fee for using the ATM in your store?

Yes, we have two ATMs available for use in-store. One ATM is located to the right of the front desk when you enter the dispensary and the other is on the retail floor. Both ATMs dispense in $20 bills and have a $2.50 fee.


What is Stronghold Pay?

Stronghold Pay is a secure, one-click payment solution that enables contactless transactions for online pick-up & delivery orders. Powered by Stronghold.

Is Stronghold Pay secure?

All aspects of Airfield Supply Company’s customer information are encrypted and securely stored with our partner, Stronghold. If you have any questions regarding the security of your information, please reference our privacy policy.

Are there any fees when paying with Stronghold Pay?

Yes. There is a $2.50 convenience fee automatically charged by Stronghold when using Stronghold Pay.

My bank isn't listed on Stronghold Pay, can I still use this payment option?

Stronghold Pay only accepts certain banks such as Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Redwood Credit Union, U.S. Bank, Citi, TD Bank, Chime, Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU), Bank of the West BNP, Navy Federal Credit Union, Schools First FCU, Golden 1 Credit Union, USAA, Union Bank and PNC.

I did not receive a text link to pay for my order with Stronghold Pay, can I still use this payment option?

Stronghold Pay is temporarily unavailable as a payment option at this time. Due to ongoing troubles with our ability to send text messages to our customers, not everyone is able to receive aStronghold Pay text. Call our e-budtenders at (408) 320-0230 and they will work to find a solution with you.

Weedmaps & Leafly

Are the prices on Weedmaps/Leafly the same as prices in-store or on your website?

The prices reflected on Weedmaps/Leafly are intended to be accurate. Any discrepancies will defer to the prices listed on our website.

Are the prices on Weedmaps/Leafly pre-tax?

No, prices on Weedmaps/Leafly do not include taxes.

I tried to place an order on Weedmaps/Leafly, why won't it go through?

We only accept orders through our own website, not through third-party websites or by email.

I saw a deal on Weedmaps/Leafly and when I placed my order through your website, the prices were different. How come?

On Weedmaps/Leafly, the prices listed are pre-tax. Therefore you are getting the same discount advertised on Weedmaps/Leafly, but your purchase price will include all three required taxes once it is confirmed by our own website.


Do you have any discounts or specials?

Yes, sign up for our email subscription to be notified first about upcoming discounts and specials. Refer to the dynamic calendar on our Specials page to see upcoming specials and discount opportunities. 

Why won't my promo code work when I place an online pick-up or delivery order?

Discounts are case sensitive, please ensure you are entering the promo code exactly as it appears with all spaces, numbers, and capital letters included.

Terms may apply, including the ability to stack discounts.

If you believe there has been a mistake, please call our e-budtenders at (408) 320-0230 for immediate assistance with any promo codes or discounts.

Can I apply the birthday discount to my delivery?

No, unfortunately, we can not apply birthday discounts to delivery orders. It is for in-store purchases only.

I don’t see the Veteran/Senior Discount on the website, how do I get my discount applied to my order?

Though you don’t see the discount on the website, when you place your order the system will pull from your account and apply the discount. The prices you see on the website are an estimate, therefore after you place your order, you will receive a text letting you know your actual total.

Does Military Monday apply to delivery and pickup orders?

Military Monday gives veterans 20% off their order and can be applied to in-store purchases, pickup orders, and delivery orders.

I am a military spouse, can I use my partner's discount?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Veteran’s discounts to spouses or extended family members.


Do I need a medical card to shop at Airfield?

No, we are open recreationally to anyone 21 and older with a valid form of I.D.

I am 18, and have a medical card. Can I shop at Airfield either in store, online, or for delivery?

No. Santa Clara county does not recognize medical cannabis patients under the age of 21, so we can not offer any form of shopping to patients under 21. Surrounding counties that recognize patients under 21 with a medical recommendation are San Francisco, Alameda, and Santa Cruz.

Can I pick up or purchase medical cannabis for someone who is physically unable to?

Yes. If you are a legal caregiver to the person you are purchasing for, you can bring your and the patient’s ID along with a doctor’s letter stating both their medical need for cannabis and you as their caregiver.

If you and your patient do not have a doctor’s recommendation, we can send a form via email for the patient to fill out stating that it is medically necessary for you to purchase for them. You can print the completed form and bring it with both your and your patient’s ID.

If I have a medical recommendation, do I get a discount?

No, if you have only a medical recommendation from a doctor you are not eligible for any discounts or tax exemptions, however you do have access to medical purchase limits which extends the amount of flower you can buy.

If I have a state medical card, do I get a discount?

Yes, if you have the state medical card from the Santa Clara County Health department you do not have to pay the 9.25% sales tax. You are still responsible for the California Excise tax and the San Jose City Business tax. Please show this card to the front desk at your first check-in to have the exemption added to your account.

How do I get a state medical card?

In order to apply for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card, you must provide written documentation from a licensed physician verifying that medical marijuana is needed to treat your medical condition, proof of residency, a government-issued photo identification, and a non-refundable fee payment to the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.


Do you accept exchanges or returns?

All sales are final, however, we offer either exchanges or refunds for defective items or products that were expired at the time of purchase only. Returns and exchanges are given at the discretion of the Manager on Duty.

Frequent Flyer Program

What are miles?

Miles and points are earned for a variety of actions, including shopping, visits, and more!

How do I earn miles?

You earn miles for every order with Airfield – whether you shop in-store, or online for pick-up, or delivery. Miles unlock tiers of reward discounts, which you will be able to use on any visit in-store.

How do I start earning miles?

You will begin to accrue miles once you confirm your Frequent Flyer account signup. See the instructions to get started here!

Can I use my miles for online orders or delivery?

Yes! When you are checking out at, you will see an option to use your Frequent Flyer miles if you have earned a discount. When logged into your account at checkout, simply press “Redeem Rewards” and choose which reward to redeem! Need help? Give us a call at (408) 320-0230! We can walk you through it. 

Can I use my points at other Gold Flora family dispensaries?

Right now, Frequent Flyer miles are only able to be used at Airfield Supply Company. We will let you know when this changes to include our sister retail locations!

How long does it take for miles to appear in my digital wallet?

Your miles status can take up to 24 hours to update after placing an order. If you are still missing miles after 24 hours, it is possible that your phone number or email on your Frequent Flyer account was not used when completing your transaction. It’s crucial that you make sure that your transaction is recorded under your customer record.


When do miles expire?

Your miles expire 365 days from your last purchase at Airfield Supply Company.  Frequent Flyer miles have no monetary value and terms of the program are subject to change without notice.


Can I leave the Frequent Flyer program?

We would be sad to see you go, but yes. You can opt-out through SMS message, the unsubscribe link in our emails, as well as request to be opted out through any Airfield team member. Just a reminder, once opting out, you will no longer earn miles until you sign back up.

Clone Care

How many clones can I purchase at one time?

In California, the legal limit for recreational and medical clone purchases is 6 per person, per day.

How many clones can I legally grow at my residence at one time?

In California, the legal limit for recreational cultivation is 6 clones per household. However, not all cities or counties in California allow recreational cultivation at a residence, so we suggest checking your county’s specifications before purchasing.

How do I prepare my new clone to be grown outdoors?

Our clones are kept under 24-hour artificial light to keep them in a vegetative state while they wait to be purchased. If the intended growth environment is outdoors, it is important to incrementally build up the amount of natural sunlight the young plant gets each day.

Begin with an hour or so of morning sun and increase the time by about half an hour each day over the course of a couple of weeks. This process is called “hardening off”. Do not put your plant in full sun during peak hours during this hardening off period, this can lead to burns and stress on the plant. You can supplement with artificial light for the first couple of weeks to continue growth.

How do I prepare my new clone to be grown indoors?

Our clones are kept under 24-hour artificial light to keep them in a vegetative state while they wait to be purchased. If the intended growth environment is indoors, it is important to use proper horticulture lighting to achieve results.

18 hours or more (up to 24 hours) of light each day is necessary for them to grow as big as possible. This is called the vegetative state where they are growing the most.

When you feel your plant is ready to produce, switch the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. Using a lighting timer will help keep the plants on a consistent schedule. Altering the light cycle will create stress and undesirable growth including (but not limited to) seeds and fluffy/airy bud structure. 

What size container should I grow my clone in?

The size of your container will determine the health and growth rate of your clone. Controlling the container size will aid in keeping your plant properly watered. Begin with a small 4″ pot, and as the plant grows you can gradually step up the size to a one-gallon container, then a three-gallon container, and then finally either into the ground or into your final container. 

How often should I water my clone?

Root growth is important for young plants to establish quickly. To promote the fastest root growth, do not overwater your clone. Roots need to stretch for water.

You can test the water content of your container by poking your finger into one of the bottom drain holes. If there is moisture, wait until it is almost dry before watering again. Water only until a small drip starts to come out of the bottom, and then stop.

Do I have to feed my clone / give my clone nutrients?

If the clone is transplanted into fully balanced soil, feeding will not be necessary for 3-4 weeks. This time frame applies to each stage of transplant along the way. Once the clone has reached its final container size, it will require a feed approximately every third watering. The best nutrients vary depending on your desired outcome and location. Your local hydroponics shop will have specified advice on which nutrients will work best for your specific needs. 

Are there any other resources I can use to further research proper clone care?

Check out our Clone Care page for more detailed information about growing your clone at home!